Hi, my name is Kristoffer Kuusakoski. My greatest interest is the well-being of society and individuals. For this purpose I currently publish videos on the KristofferKay youtube channel. I come from Finland and currently live in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, where I’m studying German as a foreign language at a local “Hochschule”. I have been giving courses and sessions in various subjects over the years, including the Swedish language (my mother tongue), yoga, IT, personal development and coaching. I really enjoy interacting with a group of people.

Climate profile:
I currently favor trains, busses and boats over flying with airplanes. I haven’t flown with an airplane running mainly on fossil fuel since 2008. I have traveled a fair bit in Europe since then and have also made one trip from Sweden to India and back, through Finland, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Nepal.

I currently favor trains, busses, trams and bikes over driving a car running mainly on fossil fuel. I haven’t had regular access to a car since 2002, however I’m sometimes riding in other people’s cars or renting a car when I need one to transport things etc.

I use mainly low energy lamps. To some extent I’m favoring locally produced food and other locally produced products.